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Existing Kits, Custom & Semi-Custom
Modelling & Modifications in all Shapes & Sizes
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Why buy or build someone's model X instead of the design you want,

with the look, feel, and features that you want?

"The boat is a rock star!- Our "A" boat."

~ 32' pilot boat customer

"You guys are easy to work with, and your parts fit together real well."

~ professional boat builder

"Best looking boats around."

~ hobby builder

"I definitely wanted you to know how much I enjoyed working with you and your team.  I hope that we have more oppor-tunities to work together again at some point."

~ 31' landing craft customer



Response Marine has been designing welded aluminum boats since our first fire/rescue boat in 1989.  We are the primary supplier of designs and cutting files for a number of small boat builders and metal fabricators, and we also provide designs to individuals for one-off construction.   In addition to pure design work, we have spent most of these years embedded within boat building companies providing sales work, project management, shop supervision, and even rigging labor.  This background has yielded valuable, hands-on experience from the initial design concept thru construction and sea trials, as well as an appreciation for reliable performance and good structure that is sensibly assembled, aesthetically pleasing, and ruggedly built. 


Naturally, there have been many changes and improvements in both design software and construction practices in the past 30+ years.  Our early designs were developed in a combination of ProSurf and AutoCad and were set up for hand cutting all parts from provided dimensions.  For the past 20 years or so, we have been using MultiSurf for 3D modelling and plate development and then AutoCad for 3D views and 2D detailing.  The designs offered here are selected from those created since 2002, and they include files for the NC cutting of virtually all hull parts with the exception of extruded stiffeners for decks and superstructure.

Over the years we have learned darn near everything we know from our fellow builders, co-workers and customers.  Without their wealth of experience and challenges we would not be able to offer the range and quality of design services and kits that we do today.   

"YES! We're still very happy with our boat. We had a response to the north shore a couple weeks ago, in a snow storm, 6' seas, a few 8s and 10s also, and it handled extremely well. Even on the return trip with following seas. Breaks 2-plus inches of ice very nicely, too."

~ 30' fire rescue boat customer

Typical Design Kits:

Our Design packages include a single use of the NC cutting files, construction drawings, stock lists, parts lists and often a review of the weights and trim for the intended outfitting and application.  As a result of this latter process we may recommend some changes to the existing design.  While most kit sellers have a take-it-or-leave-it approach, we are more inclined to tweak our designs to suit both the mission and the preferences of  the owner. (For more on this, please see Custom Design.)


Each design was developed originally for a specific customer and application, but in many cases these specific-purpose designs are well suited for a range of applications whether they be commercial or recreational.  In many cases, minor and cost efficient changes may be incorporated to adapt a design from one application to another.  Furthermore, some of our designs may require modification before reselling in order to avoid infringement on any elements we consider proprietary to the original builder and important to their specific markets and sales efforts.  


We find that nearly all of our customers are interested in at least some changes to existing design kits- whether it be changing a console, revising gunnels, changing between welded flanges and formed flanges, or more major changes.    Accordingly, we do not have a formal price list, but will gladly quote once we have an understanding of your project.  You will find that each project is a collaborative effort among you, the builder/owner and the designers.  For multiple builds by the same customer we generally offer each subsequent hull license for a nominal 10 to 20% of the initial cost. 

Please see Custom Design for a description of easy changes to look and function, as well as a more complete description of our services.


"From the initial stages of designing you have made it easy for any changes we wanted to make, without major cost over-runs. Our 28’ Response Marine with twin 350 Yamahas was something that you don’t ordinarily do, but you made the modifications based on our request, basically redesigning the vessel to meet our specifications."

~ fire boat customer

"I LOVE our boats and parts, wow!"

~ professional boat builder

" Every body here loves it.  The craftsmanship of  your boat is what the people are really PLEASED and bragging on."

~ rescue boat customer

"I wanted to thank you again for the design work you did for us on our club launch project.  We had it in full service for our opening weekend and the membership was beyond pleased with the results.  I have attached some pics of the finished build."

~ yacht club launch customer

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