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#253, 19.6' x 8.1' Flat Bottom

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This design kit is a 19.6' (20' x 8.5' w/ rub rails) self-bailing, flat bottomed brute that evolved out of a series of six boats built by Viking Welding for the contactors at the Olmsted Dam project.  These are ruggedly built with seven full depth girders and six transverse  frames and were generally powered with 50 hp tiller outboards.   All plating and structure is .190" but would be easily changed to .250".


Length (hull):

  Beam (hull):

Wt. as rigged:

Wt. Bare Hull:

19' - 7"

  8' - 1" (w/o rub rails)

2,828# (50 hp tiller, elec)




Hull & Deck Plating:

Bottom Stringers:

Transverse Frames:

Stock (approx.)-




.190" girders, flanged

.190" floors, flanged


2,900#   (w/ benches)