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#432, 22.7' x 8.2' 


This is one of several skiffs in the 22 to 24' range that have been built by Winninghoff Boats.   Jack Winninghoff started Winninghoff Boats in the early 1980's and ran it until his death in 2017.   We worked with and at Winninghoff for ten years, leaving in 2002, and continue to design nearly all of their boats.  Late in his career, Jack decided to return to a concentration on "simple" boats, in lieu of the more complicated 25'-60' response, research and Subchapter T boats that we were doing in the 1990's and early 2000's.   Today, Winninghoff Boats lives on under the leadership of Bill Stone, an excellent fabricator/builder.


This 22' design and it's close relatives are relatively easy hulls to buiild.   There are fewer NC parts than other designs by virtue of eliminating the NC Cut topside stringer and topside frames.  Topside stiffening is provided by a split pipe rub strake and by two internal topside frames (one of which may serve as a chase trunk) that are hand cut.  For future kits, we can provide NC parts for these items if desired.

Though a relatively simple hull, there is ample opportunity to exercise fabrication skills in the details and outfitting, as shown in the pictures.  The hull in the photograph was rigged as a "Big Water Duck Boat", or as Jack would say, "BWDB".  Jack was a former Army pilot (WW II) and ever the lover of acronyms.  Our favorite of his is "MIL-TFD41", which we'll translate if we get to know you better.


Length (hull):

  Beam (hull):

Wt. as rigged:

Wt. Bare Hull:

Deadrise Angles- 


        Sta. 4:


22' - 8"

  8' - 2" (w/o rub rails)









Bot. Stringers:

Chine Flats:


Side Stringers:


Transverse Frames:




Girder & 3.50" x .250" 



 Split Pipe Rub Strake


.190", Flanged


.375" x 4.6"  

Stock Weight (approx.)-

                    Blank Plate: 2,545# (w/o tank & console)

                       Extrusion: 300#

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