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#337, #470 & # 566, Rock Salt 29.5' x 9.75'


This design was derived from our Rock Salt 34' center console design and it shares the same beam and deep V hull.  Several iterations of this shorter, Rock Salt 28'-29' design have been built by The Welded Boat Co., Reconcraft, and Sound Marine, builders that range from Texas to Oregon and New York.  It is designed for twin outboards of 225hp and up and for center console or small house arrangements.  However, with some tweaking and depending upon other weight changes, it might be easily revised to handle a forward house with cuddy cabin.  Applications, thus far, have been patrol and commercial, though a recreational version is on the boards for Sound Marine in early 2020. 

Among the versions, the length to the engine transom is nearly identical, while some hulls have had a full displacement transom and others have had, in effect, a transom bracket.  The choice is user preference, though we find that this transom detail is an easy way to adjust a design for specific weight distributions.


Length (hull):

  Beam (hull):

Wt. as rigged:

Wt. Bare Hull:

Deadrise Angles-  


        Sta. 4:


29'  - 5" (to engine transom)

9' - 9"  (w/o rub rails)

6,200- 7,000# 

4,200 # w/console



27.5 to 28.5




Bot. Stringers:


Side Stringers:


Transverse Frames:


Chine Flats:



Girder & .250" x 3.75"


Shelf & .250" x 4"


.250"  flanged   

.250" & .500"


.500" x 5.5"

Stock Weight (Hull only, approx.)-

                    Blank Plate: 4,955#

                       Extrusion: 543#

NC Cut Parts List, Hull (pdf)

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