Fire Rescue Boats; 15' to 32'  

The design and construction of aluminum fire/rescue boats have been one of our specialties and were the basis for founding Response Marine in 1989.  We started back in the days when fiberglass ruled the eastern US professional boat market, which seems like ancient history since, finally in the mid 1990's, aluminum came to be recognized as the superior material for these applications.  Our fire/rescue boats were initially built by Winninghoff Boats, and then in 2002 we began a partnership with Viking Welding.  The 15' to 32' boats shown below are those that were developed after 2002 and built by Viking Welding, unless noted otherwise.

Due to the complexity of on-board systems and the necessary mission-driven customization we do not sell these existing designs as complete, off-the-shelf kits.  However, in some cases kits for the base boats are available.  Our innovative "DVTT" (deep V, twin tunnel) designs, which range from 15' to 26', are exclusive to Viking Welding with some exceptions depending upon the application.

15' x 6' DVTT
17.4' x 7' DVTT
18.4' x 7' DVTT
R-20 FBLC 20.4' x 8.1'
FR-225 BB, 22.4'x8' BB (#345)
FR-24 BB, 24' x 8' BB (#425)
FR-26 FBLC 25.8' x 8.5'
FR-260 BB, 26.6' x 8.5'
FR-280 28' x 8.5', 550 gpm
FR-28, 28' x 9', 1,000 gpm
FR-280J 28'x10.2', 3500 gpm
FR-290J, 29' x 9', 3,500 gpm
FR-295, 29.4'x10.2', 1,250 gpm
FR-295, 29.5' x 10.2', 600 gpm
FR-30J, 30'x10.2', 3,500 gpm
FR-30, 30' x 10', 1,500gpm @150 psi
FR-31J, 31' x 10', 3,500 gpm
FR-32J, 32' x 10', 3,500 gpm
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