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#472, 16' x 6' Flat Bottom


This design kit is a 16' flat bottom with no interior deck and therefore is not self-bailing at rest.  It is our most simple design to build, and surprisingly we had been designing boats for 27 years before designing anything approaching the simplicity of these flat bottom skiffs.  Then, in 2014 our longtime customer, Sound Marine, approached us for first this 16' skiff followed by an 18 and 20.  Since then, both hobby and professional builders have built these skiffs at 16', 17', 18' and 20', as well as a blunt-bowed 14'.  They have been driven by tiller-steered outboards, though consoles are certainly an option as are revisions to add a self-bailing cockpit deck and even a forward cuddy.


Length (hull):

  Beam (hull):

Wt. as rigged:

Wt. Bare Hull:

16' - 1"

  6' - 3/8" (w/o rub rails)

852# (30 hp tiller)





Bot. Stringers:




Plate Stock:


Exterior Channels





864#   (w/o benches)

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