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#293, 18.7' x 7.3', Deep V Twin Tunnel (DVTT)


We describe this hull shape as a Deep V, Twin Tunnel  (DVTT).  It is a hybrid between a deep V hull and a tri-hull, with notable differences and details.  The center hull is more prominent (and deeper) than a tri-hull or cathedral hull.  While it carries 20 degrees of transom deadrise the outer hulls, which are in a sense extra-large down turned chines, provide additional displacement and stability (decreasing draft and increasing load capacity) that would not exist in a typical V hull.  Further, there are nuances to the forward transitions that enable the hull to be dry, comfortable in a chop, and efficient due to trapped air.


The 18.8' hull pictured is a larger, deeper and more robust version of our 15.5-18.5' footers that were developed primarily as small fire/rescue boats.  This particular design kit was developed for a municipal work and buoy application, but an alternate layout of the same hull (last 3 photos above) has been built by Velazquez Welding.  The balance of our DVTT hulls, which include a 21' and a 26' have been built by Viking Welding


Length (hull):

  Beam (hull):

Wt. as rigged:

Wt. Bare Hull:

Deadrise Angles- 


        Sta. 4:


18' - 8"

  7' - 3 1/2" (w/o rub rails)

2,158# (115hp OB)

1,549# (w/ console)







Bot. Stringers:

Chine Flats:



Transverse Frames:



3" x .250"




.190", Flanged



Stock Weight (approx.)-

                    Blank Plate: 1,987#

                       Extrusion: 308#

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