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#536, 28'  x 10.3'  Flat Bottom Landing Craft


This 28' flat bottom landing craft design kit has been built by Viking Welding and provides displacement to handle a max cargo load of 8,500# in controlled conditions, though the normal heavy loading is 6,000#.   Features specific to this application include the raised aft house, long bow door with slats for visibility, spud tubes & a side hull door.

Our existing range of flat bottom landing craft is 22', 24', 28' and 33', and other dimensions are easily  developed.


Length (hull):

  Beam (hull):

Wt. as rigged:

Wt. Bare Hull:


Deadrise Angles- 


28' - 0"

 10' - 3 1/2" (w/o rub rails)

7,220# (twin 150 hp outboards)

5,506# (w/ house)

 Flat Bottom    



Bot. Stringers:


Side Stringers:


Transverse Frames:


.250" w/ Channels

.190" Girders, 4" x .250" 


.190" Shelf & Split Pipe 


.190", flanged


Stock Weight (approx.)-

    Blank Plate: 6,113# (w/ house)

      Extrusion:  1,559#

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