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#497, 24'  x 8.3''  Flat Bottom Landing Craft


Several of these 24' flat bottom landing craft designs have been built by Viking Welding and Chester Boat Works.  The version shown above, built by Viking, was customized with hinged benches, a haul-back winch with rope bin, side access door and, in particular, with over-sized bottom channels that included large diameter Delrin rollers fore and aft.  Our normal bottom channel treatment for this design would be 3" x 1.5" channels.  The hull and deck structure is particularly rugged on these smaller flat bottom designs with full depth girders (7), and full depth transverse frames.   The result is more strength than needed and more efficient fabrication.

Naturally, this design is easily scaled in length, beam and bow door width.   Our existing range of flat bottom landing craft is 20', 24', 28' and 33', and other dimensions are easily  developed.


Length (hull):

  Beam (hull):

Wt. as rigged:

Wt. Bare Hull:


Deadrise Angles- 


24' - 0"

  8' - 3 1/2" (w/o rub rails)

4,078# (135 hp outboard)

2,956# (w/ console)

 Flat Bottom    



Bot. Stringers:


Side Stringers:


Transverse Frames:


.250" w/ Channels

.190" Girders, flanged  


.190" Shelf & 4" x .190" 


.190", flanged


Stock Weight (approx.)-

    Blank Plate: 3,603# (w/ console)

      Extrusion:  506#

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